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Simple Software for a Simple Life!
INFO: Problems with Japanese ten-key keyboard and iOS 4.2.1
Views: 25405 Created: 12-01-2010 04:00 Last Updated: 08-29-2011 16:29

If you are a Japanese user and have upgraded your iOS device to iOS 4.2.1, you may see eWallet crash when entering your wallet password.

This is caused by some problem with the Japanese ten-key (Flick Input) keyboard in iOS 4.2.1. We are investigating whether it is a problem with eWallet or a problem with iOS 4.2.1. The problem occurs if the ten-key keyboard was the most recent software keyboard displayed in other applications, before you launch eWallet.

You can work around the problem by doing the following:

  1. Make sure you have both the ten-key and English keyboards set for your device. If you do not, go to Settings -> Keyboard -> International and add the English keyboard.
  2. Open another application such as Safari and tap in a text field.
  3. Tap the international symbol on your keyboard (it looks like a wire drawing of a globe) and choose the English keyboard.
  4. Now you can open eWallet without it crashing.