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HOWTO: How do I upgrade my FlexWallet data to eWallet?
Views: 26574 Created: 04-08-2008 06:27 Last Updated: 08-29-2011 17:15

eWallet 7 does not include the conversion components for FlexWallet, so you will need to use an intermediate version (6.2).

  1. Uninstall eWallet 7 from your computer, if you have it installed.
  2. Download this file
  3. Open eWallet on your desktop PC and pick File -> Open Wallet, then browse to where your .fw2 file is located. (The default one is My Wallet.fw2.)
  4. You will see only .WLT files listed in the "Files of Type" box; you'll still be able to browse to and open a .fw2 file as well.
  5. Now you can install eWallet 8.x

eWallet can only 'see' .fw2 files; if you have FlexWallet 1.x you may have a .fwx file, and will need to download FlexWallet 2006 from WebIS in order to update your file to the right format. Contact us if you need an older FlexWallet version to help with the conversion.

What parts of FlexWallet data will convert to eWallet?

eWallet will convert all of your existing FlexWallet cards and custom templates, including the field types from your FlexWallet templates. Built-in FlexWallet templates that match eWallet templates will be matched up with the proper eWallet card type; any customized templates or templates created from scratch will convert to General Purpose eWallet cards with their field types intact.

eWallet will also preserve card and category icon assignments. In order to see the FlexWallet icons on your desktop PC or Windows Mobile device, you need to install our FlexWallet Icon Pack.

  • Platform: Windows PC (desktop)