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Simple Software for a Simple Life!
ERROR: The transaction database could not be opened: wrong database version number
Views: 20467 Created: 03-30-2008 21:24 Last Updated: 07-03-2013 14:55

Versions of Keep Track prior to 2.1.4 may produce this error if the program's settings become corrupted. To fix this error, un-install Keep Track from your PC and PDA, and then re-install with the latest 2.1.4 version from our downloads page.

Before un-installing, back up the .ATF file containing your data. On your desktop PC, this file is in C:\Program Files\Ilium Software\KeepTrack\; on a Windows Mobile PDA, it is in \My Device\Program Files\KeepTrack\


  • Platform: Windows Mobile, Windows PC (desktop)