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INFO: Free Icon Packs and General Information
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You can use icons to identify your cards in the Card List or Icon view at a glance. You can also choose to show the icon as part of the card.

eWallet installs 55 icons you can use. If you'd like, you can also add any additional icons by putting their .ico files into the My Documents\eWallet\Graphics and Sounds folder on the devices where you would like to use those icons.

You can get icons to use with eWallet in several ways:

  • There are many websites where you can get icon files in .ico format
  • You probably have quite a few .ico files on your Windows PC already
  • You can make your own .ico files using a icon editor program
  • You can use any of the icon packs we provide below

Free Icon Packs

Below are five free self-installing icon packs for eWallet. Each of these packages automatically install a new icon set on Windows PCs and Windows Mobile.

Currently we offer four sets of classic icons from previous versions of eWallet and the new FlexWallet icon pack, including over 200 icons from FlexWallet. We will also add new icon packs in the future so make sure to check back!

All icons are compatible with Windows PC and most Windows Mobile devices, but some icons will not be available on some devices.

Icon Pack 5: FlexWallet Icons

Description: This fantastic icon set offers over 200 professionally designed icons that originally appeared in FlexWallet.

Download the Icons


Icon Pack 4: Classic Icons IV


Description: Originally appearing in eWallet 4.0, this great set of icons will add character to your wallet. Download Now


Icon Pack 3: Classic Icons III


Description: This set of 3D icons originally appeared in eWallet 3.0. Download Now


Icon Pack 2: Classic Icons II

Description: These icons were originally offered as an add-on for eWallet 3.0. Download Now


Icon pack 1: Classic Icons I

Description: Enjoy a blast from the past with the original eWallet icon set from 1997. Download Now


How to Install Icon Packs

To install an icon pack, download the file using the links above. If you are asked whether to Open or Save the file, choose Save. Once you've downloaded the file, double click it to start the installation. eWallet will automatically place the icons in your My Documents\\eWallet\\Graphics and Sounds folder on your Windows PC or Windows Mobile device.

How to Install Custom Icons

To use any custom icon files, just download them and copy them into the My Documents\eWallet\Graphics and Sounds folder. They'll then show up in the list of available icons the next time you run eWallet.

Be sure that the files you're starting with are of type .ico.

Use these with eWallet on your Pocket PC, Smartphone and Windows PC by putting them into the eWallet My Documents\eWallet\Graphics and Sounds folder.

The new icons will then appear in the list of icons you can select for any card or category within eWallet.

How to Use Icons

Once you have an icon pack installed, the new icons will appear at the end of the icon lists when you change the icons for your Categories and Cards.  On your Windows PC version of eWallet, you can choose to have an icon appear on the card face from the Options group on the Design tab. Custom icons are placed at the end of the standard icon list.  Icons appear in this order: standard icons listed first in alphabetical order then custom icons follow in alphabetical order.

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