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Simple Software for a Simple Life!
ERROR: eWallet 7 appears to cause a "bluescreen" crash that reboots Windows
Views: 21502 Created: 01-08-2010 07:45 Last Updated: 07-02-2013 16:15

Some users have encountered a problem where their PC will bluescreen and reboot while using eWallet 7. The bluescreen message will indicate that a problem has occurred in "windrvNT.sys".

"WindrvNT.sys" is a part of New Software's FolderLock version 5. The problem that causes the bluescreen is part of windrvNT.sys, not eWallet. 

Uninstalling FolderLock 5 will fix this issue. It has also been resolved in FolderLock 6.

If you uninstall FolderLock 5 and still receive a bluescreen, the buggy FolderLock component may still be on your computer. Go to your C:\\Windows\\system32 folder and rename "windrvNT.sys" to "windrvNT.old". Then, reboot your computer.

  • Platform: Windows PC (desktop)