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Simple Software for a Simple Life!
FAQ: How do I make my own custom cards?
Views: 31646 Created: 12-21-2006 04:51 Last Updated: 11-20-2012 19:36

With eWallet 3.1 and later versions you can rename any field in any card to be just what you want. If you'll want more copies of that card, you can also save it as a template (Windows PC and Windows Mobile only). So if you like the layout of one of our cards, but want to use it for a different kind of information, just change the field name to be what you want, and use it just how you want to.

To edit the templates, choose Edit -> Edit Templates (on a Palm, this is under Options.) On a Windows Mobile Smartphone, just edit the templates on your desktop; they'll sync to your Smartphone the next time you sync eWallet.

  • Platform: Windows PC (desktop)