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Simple Software for a Simple Life!
INFO: Privacy Policy
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At Ilium Software, we take your privacy very seriously.

When you buy any of our products directly from our website  or over the phone, we collect only enough information to allow  us to charge your credit card and to deliver your programs to  you. We keep this information so that we can provide you with  technical support and product upgrades.    

If you buy any of our products, sign up for our mailing list, or provide your email address  (which is always optional)  when downloading one of our free products, we may send occasional  promotional or product upgrade emails. We keep these to a minimum, and will never  sell, trade, or give away  any of your information.  

If you do wish to receive emails from us, remember to whitelist us to make sure that all emails from Ilium Software are sent to your Inbox.  

We send emails only to people who have sent us email addresses using one of the means above. We never get email addresses from any other sources.    

If you don't want to receive our mailings, please  let us know. We will remove your name from our list at your request.


We use cookies when you put an item from our site into your shopping cart. We store only the information related to the product(s) you are ordering, and this cookie is deleted when you complete your order and close your browser window. You do need to have cookies enabled to buy software online from us.  


We do not install any kind of spyware with any of our products.

Most programs that check for spyware and adware match signatures -- that is, known, recognizeable parts of a file -- of known spyware programs against files on your PC or programs  running on your PC. Sometimes a piece of a perfectly clean  program will match a spyware signature. This happens with most  virus-scanning programs too.  

Please do let us know  if any of our programs are triggering spyware warnings, but  please believe us that we are not including any kind of spyware,  adware, or malware with any of our software.

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