Simple Software for a Simple Life!
Simple Software for a Simple Life!
HOWTO: Getting Started with ListPro
Views: 28225 Created: 08-27-2007 22:08 Last Updated: 08-30-2011 14:40
  • ListPro starts you out with a few sample lists. You can look through them for examples of the kinds of lists you can make and use, then delete them and create your own.

  • To run ListPro on your Windows PC, just choose \\Programs\\Ilium Software\\ListPro  from your Windows Start Menu.

  • If you have downloaded a copy of ListPro (either the trial or full version) it's most likely a complete installation file. With your PDA actively connected, just run the file you downloaded on your Windows PC to install ListPro on any kind of device.  If you're not sure which kind of file you downloaded, just run it (double-click on it) -- the first screen you see will tell you.