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INFO: Latest Keep Track Upgrades and Version Info
Views: 39866 Created: 07-02-2007 21:48 Last Updated: 02-08-2013 16:29

Keep Track 2.1.4, released in April 2007, is the current verison of Keep Track for Pocket PCs, Smartphones and Windows PCs.

Keep Track 2.1.4 includes full support for the Motorola Q and other landscape-style Smartphones, as well as other minor bug fixes and improvements.

Please Note: Due to the system configuration of some devices, Keep Track cannot synchronize your data. You can install and use Keep Track on your device but you may not be able to synchronize it with your Windows PC. Read the full details here

Keep Track 2.1.4 is a free upgrade for all registered purchasers of Keep Track 2.0 (or 2.1), on the same platform (Pocket PC, Smartphone and/or Windows PC) as your original purchase.

If you've already unlocked a trial version of Keep Track 2.x, you can just download a new trial and it will already be unlocked. If you're eligible for the free upgrade, and need an unlock code, please fill out this form and we'll send it right away.

If you are a registered purchaser of Keep Track, you can get this upgrade for an additional platform for just $10.00. Get it Here

Handheld PC users: We are no longer releasing new products, or new versions of our existing products, for Handheld PCs. However, we have partnered with to distribute the old HPC versions of our software for free. You can find our HPC products here.

Current Version Information

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Windows Mobile
Windows PC

  • Platform: Windows Mobile, Windows PC (desktop)