INFO: My desktop Keep Track data disappeared!

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Keep Track will not synchronize correctly if the account database is stored anywhere other than in your device’s Main Memory. If you installed Keep Track to a storage card, or manually moved your database to a storage card or internal ROM storage, you may experience this issue.

To resolve this issue, first back up your data by using File Explorer to locate the database file - it ends in .ATF, and is named KTPocketPC.ATF or KTSmartphone.ATF. Then, make a copy of it.

If you have a Windows Mobile Pocket PC, Professional, or Classic device (touch-screen):

Do the following to move your .ATF file to main memory:

  1. Disconnect your Pocket PC
  2. Start KeepTrack on your device
  3. Tap ‘Tools’ and then tap ‘Database Folder’.
  4. Select a location in the main memory of your device - a good place is Program Files
  5. Re-connect your Pocket PC. Your data should now be on the desktop.

If you have a Windows Mobile Smartphone or Standard device (no touch screen):

You will need to un-install Keep Track from your phone’s storage card, and re-install it into internal memory.