HOWTO: Move Keep Track Data to a New Windows Mobile Device

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If you want to move your Keep Track information to a different machine, that is, to a new Pocket PC, Smartphone or Windows PC, follow the steps below.

If you are not synchronizing your Keep Track information, you can just reinstall Keep Track on your new machine (using your original installation file or trial unlock codes), and copy your Keep Track data file to the new machine. If Keep Track 2.1 was your first version of Keep Track, this file is called KTPocketPC.atf on a Pocket PC, KTSmartphone.atf on a Smartphone, and KTWindowsPC.atf on your Windows PC. If you used an earlier version of Keep Track, this file is called Accounts.atf.

If you have been synchronizing your Keep Track information, follow the steps below. Note that in this case, it’s important not to copy .atf files between your Windows PC and your Windows Mobile device.

  1. First, be sure you’ve set up your new partnership with your mobile device.

  2. Make a backup copy of your Windows PC Keep Track database.

  3. Install Keep Track 2.1 on the Pocket PC or Smartphone.

  4. Start Keep Track on your Windows Mobile device; agree to creating a new database file when you’re asked.

  5. Close Keep Track on both platforms.

  6. Open the ActiveSync window, select Tools, Options, and check “Keep Track Transactions,” Click “Ok.”

  7. Select “Replace …” from the set of options.