INFO: Keep Track Windows Mobile Smartphone Tips

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Use your phone keypad to quickly access Keep Track functions!

  • On the OneTouch screen, the 1-9 buttons activate that OneTouch button.

  • On the Enter Transaction screen, the keys help you quickly scroll to the item you want, starting with the letter you press.

  • On the Transaction List screen, your keypad does the following:

Home Page Up
End Page Down
Column Narrower Find Again Column Wider
  • Any time you’re entering an amount, you can use the asterisk key to specify the decimal point.

  • In the Custom Columns window, use the 2 key on your phone’s keypad to move a selected column up, and the 8 to move the column down.

Entering Passwords

When you’re asked for a password (as well as in some other entry fields), Keep Track will put your Smartphone into text mode, that is, your keypad buttons will enter letters first, then numbers. You can switch between number and text modes by holding down the star (asterisk) key. You’ll see an indicator (123, abc or T9) in the Smartphone’s title bar/status area of what mode you’re in at any time.

Configuring Columns

Use the menu in the column selection screen to switch to specifying columns for single accounts, rather than all accounts.

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