FAQ: How can I reconcile my checkbook using Keep Track?

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The methods of reconciling your checkbook using Keep Track depend a lot on your personal preference but here are a couple ideas:

Method a - Print out a statement: You can print a report of all transactions for an account within a certain period. Use this printout to compare with the same time period statement received from your bank.

Method b - Mark and clear: If you don’t want to keep all the transactions in Keep Track you can use Keep Track’s Mark function to mark items as you match them to your bank statement. When you’ve found all the transactions that you are looking for you can then clear them using the Clear Marked functionality.

If your bank statement isn’t fully reconciled yet (you have pending payments or deposits), and you have been marking cleared transactions, the Display Totals option under the Tools menu will let you show an account total made up of only marked or unmarked transactions.

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