HOWTO: Get Started with Keep Track

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  • Use Keep Track as a receipt manager for your online and phone transactions. You can record the receipt number in Keep Track’s Notes field. You won’t need to print every order confirmation, because you’ll have a convenient record of all of your transactions. You can use Keep Track for your direct deposits and automatic banking transactions, too, and set up a One-Touch button to easily record them.

  • Set up the One-Touch Buttons for your most frequent transactions in a way that makes sense to you. You can use the button locations and names to make it even easier to find your most commonly-used buttons.

  • If you don’t know what amount will be when you create a One-Touch transaction, you can configure the button to ask you for amount each time you use that One-Touch button. You can use these to easily record regular purchases or charges you make from the same bank account or credit card to the same store for different amounts.

  • Use the Notes field on the Enter Transaction screen to store a transaction number or confirmation number or a short phrase that will remind you what the transaction was for. You can also record expected delivery dates, or items ordered.

  • On the Transactions List screen, you can tap a column header to sort the list by that column.

  • You can correct or change information in any record by double-clicking on the transaction.