FAQ: What happens if my pictures are bigger or smaller than the screen?

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DockWare will position any pictures that are smaller than your screen in the upper left corner of your device’s screen, with any space not used by your picture filled in with DockWare’s background color (black in DockWare, configurable in DockWare Pro). If you want to center a smaller picture, or position it differently, just edit your original graphic. This applies to pictures in either JPEG (.jpg) or bitmap (.bmp) format.

If you pick the Scale JPEG Pictures option (available in DockWare 2.0.2 and later), DockWare will scale pictures in .jpg format that are bigger than your screen. DockWare will scale the pictures will so that the they fit entirely in your screen both horizontally and vertically - this may make one dimension smaller than your screen size. If you don’t pick the Scale JPEG Pictures option, DockWare will clip pictures in .jpg format on the right and bottom.

DockWare will also right- and bottom-clip all pictures in bitmap (.bmp) format that are bigger than your screen.