ERROR: No Bitmaps Found

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DockWare may display the error message “No Bitmaps Found” if there are no picture files to display, or if the pictures are in are unsupported picture formats.

Valid Picture Formats:

  • Only JPG, JPEG, and BMP images will work for Pocket PC and Smartphone
  • Progressive scan JPG/JPEG images will sometimes not work properly on any devices.
  • Only JPG/JPEG or PRC images will work for Palm OS

Image Locations for DockWare Free (version bundled with HP iPAQ Pocket PCs):

  • Images must be in the \My Device\My Documents\My Pictures folder
  • Pictures in sub-folders of the My Pictures folder will not be found

Image Locations for DockWare Free:

  • Pocket PC: only images in \My Device\Programs\DockWare will be found
  • Smartphone: Only images in \My Device\Programs\DockWare will be found (Programs may be in \Storage\ or \IPSM\.)
  • Palm OS: Only PRC images from the Ilium Software website will work.

Image Locations for DockWare Pro:

  • Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Smartphone: DockWare Pro can be configured to display images from the DockWare program folder (see DockWare Free above), any other folder, or from the entire inserted storage card.
  • Windows Mobile: DockWare Pro will find images in any folder on the storage card.
  • Palm OS: PRC images or images converted to PRC with the DockWare Picture Loader will work but they must be stored in main memory
  • Palm OS: JPG/JPEG images will work if stored in the storage card and the program is set to search the card.