FAQ: How do I stop DockWare from running on top of other programs?

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You might not want DockWare to start while you’re running a GPS program like TomTom, Ostia, GPSDash, Pocket Streets, or Mapopolis, or while watching a video or listening to audio with Windows Media.

On a Windows Mobile Pocket PC or Smartphone, you can prevent DockWare from running when you don’t want it to by using a Blocklist file. The blocklist will DockWare not to run while certain programs are in use.

Restoring or Editing the Blocklist

The Windows Mobile versions of DockWare Free and DockWare Pro come with a blocklist file that already contains the names of many common programs that should not be interrupted by DockWare.

If you have lost this file, you can re-create it using the information below:

  1. First, either:

    • Download our supplied blocklist file by right-clicking on this link and choosing Save as, Save Target As, or Save Link As.


    • Create a text document (.txt) using NotePad, Pocket Word, or any other text editor. (If you’re using Pocket Word to create the document, you’ll need to use the Save As option to make it a file of type .txt.)

    • Enter into this document the name of any program that you want to prevent DockWare from starting. Put each program name on a separate line. Be sure to enter the program’s name exactly as it appears in the upper left corner of your device when that program is running.

  2. Then, save this document with the name BlockList.txt and put it the DockWare program folder (usually My Device\\Programs\\DockWare) on your Pocket PC. (If you used Pocket Word to make the document, you’ll need to save the file to My Documents using Pocket Word, then use File Explorer on your Pocket PC to move it to the DockWare program folder.)

Once you’ve done the above instructions, DockWare will not start if any of the programs listed in the BlockList.txt document are on screen.