Special Orders

Use this special order form to purchase Ilium Software products (or a gift certificate) directly from Ilium Software, for delivery by email or direct download. All delivery by email will be sent within one business day.

Typically you'd use this form, rather than our online store, for bulk purchases of our Windows PC (desktop) products.

Your order receipt will show the full amount charged, including any discount. (See complete info about using this form.)

For our non PC desktop products that are delivered through vendor stores (i.e., the Apple iOS and Mac App stores, the Goole Play Android store, the Amazon App store, or the Microsoft store), those stores may offer volume purchase programs as well.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us — we are here to help! (Oh yes, remember to whitelist us to make sure you receive all emails from us in your Inbox.)



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You will receive an email invoice from us with the amount you owe and instructions on how to send us your payment via PayPal.

If you'd like to use some other payment then please indicate that in the Notes area and we'll we'll follow-up with you via email or phone.

Please use the Notes area to convey any additional information (quantity of a product, Case number, or anything else).

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We will send the appropriate software/licenses within one business day. Your order reference number is .

If you have not heard from us after one business day, please do contact us at service@iliumsoft.com.