card types

Choose a Card Type

Pick the New Card button or menu pick to make a new card. Then choose how you want your info to display by selecting one of eWallet’s 31 pre-made card types (templates). The type of card you pick controls how your information looks on the card.

card attributes

Choose Card Attributes

Create attractive, personalized cards by changing the card color, border, icon, display style, card background, and more!

Using different icons makes it easy to find the card you’re looking for. Choose a particular icon for a certain type of card, or assign a different icon to each card. The card’s icon will show up in the list of cards and the category window. Then choose to display the icon on the card itself.

eWallet has more than forty built-in icons that you can use to help identify cards (and categories too), or use one of the over three thousand Emoji characters.

card fields

Customize the Fields

Further customize your cards so that they’re tailored to the information you want to store. Rename any of the field labels to create exactly the type of card you need.

You can also change the field type of any card field. Want to have some extra hidden fields? Need to add a phone number, change plain text into a website link, or put it in date format? It’s all available to help you create the perfect card to suit your needs.