eWallet for Windows PC (desktop) Upgrade Information

The version of eWallet for Windows PC (desktop) that you are trying to download is not the latest version. The current version of eWallet is 8.6 and the version you are trying to download is 6.1.

What's new in eWallet for Windows PC (desktop) 8.6

  • Now uses Microsoft's .NET Framework 4.7 which includes improved networking support (including TLS 1.2), improved support for high DPI monitors, performance and reliability improvements
  • Improved support for large notes, both in Flex View and Edit View
  • The card editor now offers a list of your most frequently used usernames for easier entry
  • Resolves an AutoPass timing issue introduced by newer versions of Firefox
  • Dropbox login page now done via the default browser for better compatibility
  • Includes an updated Dropbox library
  • Skype detection now looks for skype: scheme rather than an installed program
  • Added support for printing a selection including subcategories
  • Now provide guidance when Windows 10 Controlled folder access is turned on
  • Added configuration settings requested by business users
  • Updated Installer with additional high DPI support
  • Installer offers to install .NET 4.7.2 if .NET 4.7 or later not found
  • Several other miscellaneous fixes and enhancements

Upgrade to the latest version of eWallet for Windows PC (desktop) below:

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Keeping your version of eWallet for Windows PC (desktop) 6.1: To keep your current version of eWallet for Windows PC (desktop) you can re-download using this link: Redownload eWallet 6.1