Kings Corners

for iPhone and iPod touch

Long lines? Waiting rooms? A missing waitress? They all leave frustrating gaps in your day. Don't get upset - get Kings Corners™ and fill the gaps! Kings Corners is a fun solitaire game available for your iPhone or iPod touch.

Can you fill all the face card slots before you run out of space? Or will you paint yourself into a corner? Kings Corners is easy to learn but challenging to master. It offers an exciting mix of both chance and skill.

How do I play? The idea is simple: try to get through a deck of 52 cards, matching pairs that add up to 10.

  • Choose a level of difficulty. Novice Mode gives you two more card slots than Expert Mode.
  • Start a new game. You'll see a table with empty slots for your cards - the slots around the outside are labeled for face cards. You can only deal a face card to one of its designated slots.
  • Deal the cards. After you fill up all the slots on the table, you can start making pairs and eliminating cards.
  • To remove cards, find pairs that add up to 10 and tap them. The 10 card of any suit can be removed by itself.
  • Continue to play until you run out of matches, then tap the deck to deal more cards. Fill up the slots again and try to find more pairs.

What's the catch? Kings Corners might sound easy, but watch your cards closely if you don't want to lose!

  • Be careful how you deal. Face cards can only go in their designated slots, but you can deal number cards to those slots too.
  • You need to fill up all the slots before you can start making pairs, so try not to cover all the face card slots with numbers when you deal.
  • If you deal a face card and there's no empty slot for it, your game is over!
  • The game also ends if every slot is filled and you can't make any matches.

How do I win? If you make it through your deck, and get all the face card slots filled correctly, then you win the game!

WARNING!!! Kings Corners is the perfect way to fill the gaps, but our studies have shown that Kings Corners is highly addictive. Many players have found themselves searching for gaps to fill with Kings Corners.*

In extreme cases we've even seen players creating extra gaps in their day just to squeeze in one more game of Kings Corners. PLAY AT YOUR OWN RISK!

*Ilium Software is not responsible for job loss as a result of the player being unable to pull themselves away from Kings Corners at work.

Get Kings Corners now for a quick fix against all those annoying gaps. Kings Corners is fun and fast, and never the same game twice - you'll have a hard time putting it down!

Kings Corners
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