eWallet Trials

Use the links below to get eWallet! Just save the appropriate file on your Windows PC or Mac and run it there to install. These are fully functional* versions that you can try free for 30 days!

iPhone, iPad devices

eWallet for iPhone & iPad (iOS / iPadOS)

Download Trial
Mac OS X

eWallet for Mac OS X

Download Trial
Windows Mobile

eWallet for Windows Mobile

Download Trial
Windows PC

eWallet for Windows PC (desktop)

Download Trial
Windows 8/RT

eWallet for Windows Store

Download Trial

If you need to install directly to your Windows Mobile device, please choose one of the following links to download a CAB file: touchscreen | non-touchscreen

If you need to install directly to your BlackBerry, please use this link for BlackBerry OS version: 4.7 through 7.x

* With one exception: Apple only allows iCloud services through the Mac App Store, so the eWallet for Mac trial version does not include sync via iCloud (sync via Dropbox is supported in the trial version).