About Ilium Software

Ilium Software has been designing and creating information management tools for mobile devices since 1997. While the technology's changed, the need for easy and useful ways to manage information on the go has not. We have over 24 years of experience making and supporting award-winning info managers for mobile devices.

Our products are easy to use, and make it simple and painless for you to organize — and use — your information.

Our Name, Location and Affiliations

Ilium is Greek for Troy, the ancient city where the Trojan War took place. The Trojan Horse, Helen of Troy, and Homer's Iliad are associated with Troy. Some of the founders of Ilium Software were working in Troy, Michigan when we started the company. There's also a Troy in New York, which Kurt Vonnegut fictionalizes as Ilium, New York in several of his novels.

We are currently located in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

We are not a part or a subsidiary of any other company.

Thank you for your interest in Ilium Software!

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