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Which serving size has more calories? 78 calories for each tablespoon, or 43 calories for every 2 ounces? Is it cheaper to buy 550 paper towels for $6.00, or 475 for $5.00?

Augh! It's frustrating to figure out different conversions in your head - impossible if you're looking at units you aren't familiar with. You can waste lots of time standing in the store with two different packages in your hands, trying to do the math on which is a better deal.

Now you don't have to waste time or worry about getting the math wrong. Just pull out your iPhone and get the answer in a few taps with Apples2Oranges™ - a quick and easy new price comparison and unit conversion app from Ilium Software, available for your iPhone or iPod touch.

Save money: Get the most for your dollar! Calculate the best price for any two items with different amounts. Use it for things like cereal, vitamins, trash bags, shampoo - anything you buy - and see which is the better deal. Apples2Oranges pays for itself with the money you'll save!

Save your diet: Compare ingredients given in different units, even with different serving sizes listed, on any foods in the grocery store. Find out which is the best choice nutritionally.

What can you compare with Apples2Oranges? Let's see...

  • Grams, ounces, and liters
  • Cups and tablespoons
  • Bags, boxes, and rolls
  • Dollars, euros, and other currencies
  • Feet, meters, and yards
  • Protein, sodium, carbohydrates

...and much more!
(All non-metric liquid measurements use U.S., not British / Imperial, measures.)

Ready to shop smarter? Get Apples2Oranges now and turn your iPhone into a unit calculator and price comparison tool anytime. You'll never again have to second-guess or waste time when you're out shopping.

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