INFO: Switching from Using eWallet on one Mobile Device to Another


eWallet is licensed per operating system platform.

If you are replacing your device with one of the same type (operating system platform), you can use your existing eWallet license for that device. Just re-download eWallet from where you purchased it.

How to download eWallet for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

How to download eWallet for BlackBerry

How to download eWallet for Android

How to download eWallet for Windows Mobile

If you are switching to a different type of device (different operating system), you will need to purchase a new eWallet license for the new device. eWallet is sold through our website for some platforms, and through on-device app stores on others. You can find out how to purchase eWallet for your device at our website.

If you want to also switch desktop platforms, see here.