INFO: iPhone Tips


iPhone Tips

Here are some tips we hope you'll find useful for your iPhone and iPod touch:

    * If you're having trouble getting the screen to change orientation, be sure you're holding your iPhone perpendicular to the ground, rather than flat.
    * Hold and double-tap gestures are recognized and useful in several places. Try holding your finger, or double-tapping, on a screen where you want more options. For example, holding the N on the keyboard gives you N' and Ñ as well as N.
    * On iPhone and iPod Touch running version 2.0 or later, holding the .com button lets you also pick from .net, .org and .edu, and, at least in some places, holding the period button also gives you those options (as well as .com).
    * Tapping space twice in a row on the main keyboard will put “. ” (that is, period space) into your input.
    * To quickly add a punctuation or number key without changing keyboards, tapping the key, and changing back, you can instead drag your finger from the .?123 key to the key you want.

      This will insert that character, and change the keyboard right back to the alpha keyboard. Also, tapping the space key after most characters on the punctuation/number keyboard will send you directly back to the alpha keyboard as well.
    * When you double-click the Home button, the multitasking user interface pops up, giving you quick, one-tap access to your recently used apps. When you switch back and forth between them, the apps can pick up right where you left off. You can also lock your iPhone screen in portrait view. Flick to the right of the multitasking menu and tap the rotation lock to keep your screen looking just the way you want.