HOWTO: Switch to eWallet GO! from SplashID Safe


You can convert data from SplashData SplashID Safe (formerly SplashID) to eWallet GO!.


 Note: The eWallet GO! Conversion Utility is only available for Microsoft Windows PC.

  1. Export your SplashID data using the Export -> CSV option in the desktop version of SplashID.
  2. Launch the eWallet GO! Conversion Utility.
  3. Follow the steps provided by the Conversion Utility.

That's it! All your data should now be available in eWallet GO!


Conversion Limitations: 

Some of your SplashID Safe data will not be included when you import into eWallet GO!:

  • Unicode text (many foreign character sets including Cyrillic and Asian languages) will not be imported into eWallet GO!
  • Custom field names and the "masked" setting will not be exported from SplashID Safe, and will not be imported into eWallet GO!
  • File attachments cannot be exported into a CSV file and will not be imported into eWallet GO!