INFO: eWallet GO! Conversion Utility


The eWallet GO! Conversion Utility is a tool that lets you move data from other popular secure information manager software into eWallet GO! In addition, you can use the Conversion Utility to switch from eWallet 7.0 over to eWallet GO!

The Conversion Utility takes your existing information and converts it to a format that is usable in eWallet GO! It then uses eWallet GO!'s secure backup and restore tools to move the data to eWallet GO! on your selected devices.

The Conversion Utility only works on Windows PC (XP or newer). You can run it from the internet here:

You can find out more about converting from different applications using the links below:

eWallet 7.x to eWallet GO!

LastPass to eWallet GO!

SplashID Safe to eWallet GO!