ERROR: "This wallet is currently locked"


"This wallet is currently locked. Access to protected data is not allowed." means that you have entered the wrong password too many times in a row.  eWallet has an option to lock the wallet after this happens to help prevent someone getting into your wallet by using a program to make repeated password guesses.  You may have set this option.

Your wallet will unlock after the time you've set using the Security Options.  The default is 30 minutes, though you may have changed it.

To locate the Security Settings on your device:

  • Mac:   File/Security Options,  or the Security icon in the Toolbar
  • WinPC:   File/Options,  or Home tab/Security section/shield icon
  • Android:   Menu/Security
  • iPhone/iPod/iPad:   Edit the list of wallet files/Choose your wallet/Security Settings
  • BlackBerry:   Menu/Options/Security
  • Windows Mobile:   Menu/Security