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Simple Software for a Simple Life!
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FAQ: I can't sync between my iPhone/iPod/iPad and Windows PC

If you are having trouble syncing between your iPhone/iPod/iPad and Windows PC there are a few things you can to do help troubleshoot your synchronization problems: Reboot your Wi-Fi router, and then…

ERROR: "Bonjour error -65563." when syncing eWallet with an Apple iOS device

This error message has been resolved in eWallet version 7.2 (and newer). The latest version of eWallet 7.x is a free update for any user who has a license for eWallet 7 on Windows PC already. Just download…

ERROR: "Exception in eWallet sync [16389]:(null) when syncing with BlackBerry"

This error message could occur in eWallet 6.1.4 (and older versions) for BlackBerry. It has been fixed in eWallet 7.0. Contact us for info on how to upgrade to the latest version.

ERROR: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" when syncing eWallet on Windows PC

If eWallet's sync settings are corrupt on a Windows PC, you may get an error when syncing with any type of sync location. To resolve it, uninstall eWallet, REBOOT the PC, and then reinstall the latest…

HOWTO: How do I stop synchronizing a wallet on Windows PC?

If you want to stop syncing the wallet you have open in the desktop version of eWallet: 1. Click on Synchronize -> Setup 2. At the list of Sync Locations, click on one that is set to anything other…

HOWTO: How to synchronize eWallet for Windows PC to a folder, network drive, USB drive, FTP site, or another computer

eWallet's SyncPro synchronization can synchronize to any folder on your desktop computer, any attached storage device (such as a USB hard drive or flash drive), any standard Windows Networking shared…