Simple Software for a Simple Life!
Simple Software for a Simple Life!
HOWTO: How do I create a new wallet in eWallet for Mac?

To create a new wallet, click File -> New from the menus. eWallet will automatically choose your Documents folder, but you can choose to save it into any folder that you want to use.

HOWTO: Make new cards and categories in eWallet for Mac

To create a new card, click on the category you want to create it in, then click "New Card" in the eWallet toolbar or Edit -> New Card in the menus. Cards always have to be created in categories, so…

HOWTO: Uninstall eWallet for Mac

eWallet for Mac does not have an uninstaller program. To remove the program from your Mac, just drag the eWallet.APP file from the Applications folder into the trash. If you encounter any problems uninstalling…