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Importing eWallet GO! data into eWallet on Android
Views: 11775 Created: 04-20-2015 14:42 Last Updated: 04-20-2015 14:50

Looking to upgrade from eWallet GO!® to full eWallet® on your Android device but need to import your data? You've found the right article!

(Please note that this feature requires eWallet 8 or higher for Android.)


If you already have the data on your PC, you can use eWallet's built-in importer there to import your data (File->Import). Alternatively, you can do the import all on your device using the Dropbox client and email.


Dropbox app  Export in Dropbox

Select Export Target  Send Attachment from Dropbox

Receive attachment in email  Wallet has been imported

Note: Once the wallet has been imported/converted, you can change its name within eWallet if you like.

  • Platform: Android