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FAQ: Cloud Sync
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This Frequently Asked Questions lists includes common questions about the Cloud Sync option with the eWallet® SyncPro® engine.

Q: Do I need to have the Dropbox client installed on my PC or device?
A: No, although you may find it handy for other reasons, eWallet neither uses nor requires the Dropbox client software.

Q: Do I need to store my local wallet file (.wlt) on Dropbox?
No, your cloud wallet file (.cwlt file extension) is stored on Dropbox and that file is then used as the master file to sync against the local wallet files (.wlt file extension) on your device(s) and/or PC(s).

Q: Do I need a new Dropbox account just for eWallet?
You do not; you can use your existing Dropbox account for eWallet too. If you don't already have a Dropbox account, eWallet will help you signup as part of the sync setup process.

Q: Is my data still safe/secure when syncing to a cloud service?
A: In addition to eWallet's file encryption, Dropbox and iCloud provide their own security for their services. Please note that using the cloud for sync or backup is optional though; you can still use the Mac or PC versions of eWallet to sync with iOS devices directly.

Q: Can I open my cloud wallet file (.cwlt) directly?
No, the cloud wallet file (.cwlt file extension) is considered the master file for syncing; to use it, you sync it from Dropbox to a local wallet (.wlt file extension) on your device or PC.

Q: Can I sync with more than one Dropbox account?
Yes! Although you cannot sync the same wallet to more than one Dropbox account, you can sync different wallets to different accounts. One example of this might be that you sync your personal wallet to your own Dropbox account, and a separate shared wallet with a different Dropbox account.

Q: Do I have to use Cloud Sync to synchronize?
No, Cloud Sync is an option within eWallet's SyncPro synchronization engine. If you have the PC or Mac version of eWallet, you can use that to sync with the iOS version using a local WiFi network; in that case there is no use of cloud services.

Q: Do I have to use either iCloud or Dropbox to sync data on my iPhone, iPad or iPod touch?
No, you can set the Cloud Storage Service within eWallet on your iOS device to None if you don't want to use iCloud or Dropbox for some reason. If you have the PC or Mac version of eWallet, you can use that to sync with the iOS version using a local WiFi network; in that case there is no use of cloud services.

Q: Can I use Cloud Sync between PCs and between iOS devices?
Yes, you can. Think of your cloud wallet as the master wallet for syncing, and then each of your devices gets its own local version of that wallet for offline access to the information.

Q: Do I have to have a constant Internet connection to use Cloud Sync?
A: Not at all. Internet access is required to sync your local wallet file with the master cloud version of the file, but you can still use the local version with no Internet connection at all. If you're not connected when eWallet wants to sync, it's no problem, the sync will just happen the next time you are connected.

Q: Will you support additional cloud services in the future?
We will certainly consider adding alternative services to our current iCloud and Dropbox support in the future. Candidate services could be Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, etc.).

Q: Will you add cloud support to other eWallet platforms?
Yes, we plan to add Dropbox cloud support to the Mac, Android, and full screen Windows versions of eWallet. We do not have a timeline for when cloud support on these other platforms will be available.

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