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FAQ: I can't sync between my iPhone/iPod/iPad and Windows PC
Views: 22056 Created: 09-28-2012 15:16 Last Updated: 01-27-2014 15:11

If you are having trouble syncing between your iPhone/iPod/iPad and Windows PC there are a few things you can to do help troubleshoot your synchronization problems:

Reboot your Wi-Fi router, and then your iOS device.  Verify that your device has re-connected with *your* network and not another one nearby.

Instead of disabling your firewall, add Exceptions or Rules to Allow "BonJour" and "eWallet" to pass through.

If you have an existing iPhone/iPod/iPad Sync Location in the desktop eWallet Setup, remove it, and then run Sync Setup again, starting on the iPhone/iPod/iPad device FIRST.

Also, be sure you have the latest versions of eWallet on both devices.

To update or re-download eWallet on your iPhone/iPod/iPad device:

     1- Open the App Store app on your iOS device
     2- Choose Updates
     3- Choose Purchased
     4- Click on the download icon next to eWallet

eWallet 7.6 for Windows PC

To download the trial version (if you don't already have it), please click the following line from this message, or copy it into your browser:

Then, use the iPhone/iPod/iPad eWallet sync instructions here:

If you are still having trouble syncing, please send us the COMPLETE text of the message:

      You can reach us HERE  (click the link)

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