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INFO: iCloud sync/backup
Views: 21365 Created: 05-02-2012 14:49 Last Updated: 06-21-2013 14:23

eWallet 7.3 for iOS features built-in support for iCloud, both for backing up wallets and for sharing wallets between iOS 5 devices.

iCloud sync support is not yet available for eWallet on Mac OS X or Windows PC.

Before you start setting up iCloud sync for your iOS devices, we recommend you use the envelope icon in your wallet data file to send a backup copy of your encrypted wallet file to yourself over email.

To set up eWallet's iCloud sync on your primary iOS device:

  1. Go to your iOS devices Settings > iCloud > and make sure Documents & Data is toggled [ON]
  2. Open eWallet on your iOS device, but do not enter the password yet
  3. Tap the cloud icon
  4. Toggle iCloud sync to [ON]
  5. For iPad, the iCloud icon will also be found on the device's list of wallet files screen.

To set up additional iOS devices with iCloud:

If this device DOES NOT have your current eWallet data, delete the wallet file from this device before enabling iCloud sync on this device

If this device HAS your current eWallet data, continue to the numbered setup steps (1-5) above

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