Simple Software for a Simple Life!
Simple Software for a Simple Life!
INFO: Using Our Special Order Form
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Thank you for your interest in Ilium Software's products.

You should only use the Special Order Form to order if:

  • you were directed to this form by our support staff,
  • you had any difficulties with our Online Store

Please note that special orders are processed manually and can take up to 2 business days to complete.

For immediate purchasing and download we highly recommend that you use our automated online store!

Ilium's order form uses the Internet Secure Sockets Layer to encrypt and protect your information, including your credit card number. If you are not set up for Secure Sockets Layer access, you won't be able to use our Order form or our Online Store. You'll see a message if this is the case. If so, you can get other purchase options here.

Because we check to see if you're eligible for an add-on discount before charging your card, you will not see a calculated total for your order. After we process your order, your purchase email will show the amount you were charged. If you don't agree with the amount, please let us know -- we will fix it.

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  • Platform: Windows PC (desktop), Other