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INFO: eWallet Compatibility for Mac OS X
Views: 27557 Created: 09-01-2011 09:01 Last Updated: 06-21-2013 11:35

eWallet for Mac no longer supports OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard), or older. 

eWallet for Mac 7.4 (and newer) is compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) and newer (including Lion and Mountain Lion). 

If you have Mac OS X 10.7, then you can update your eWallet using one of the two choices below:

  • If you purchased through the Mac App Store, download the update from the Updates tab
  • If you purchased it directly from Ilium Software's website, download the latest version from here: eWallet Trial Download

If you still have problems, you may have to force eWallet to remove its saved state info after updating to 7.4. You need to do that through the terminal.

  1. Make sure eWallet is not running (if an old version of eWallet won't quit normally, go to the Force Quit menu selection in the Apple menu, then select eWallet in the list and press the Force Quit button)

  2. Open the Terminal app (Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal)

  3. Copy and paste this line into the terminal and press enter:  cd ~/Library/Saved\ Application\ State/

  4. Copy and paste this line into the terminal and press enter: rm -rf com.iliumsoft.eWallet.mac.savedState

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