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Simple Software for a Simple Life!
INFO: Detailed eWallet to eWallet GO! Transfer Information
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You can transfer existing eWallet 7 information to eWallet GO!, but some of your wallet data formatting may change.

About eWallet GO!

eWallet GO! is a simplified password manager that supports viewing and editing on Windows desktop, Mac OS X desktop, iPhone, iPod touch, Windows Phone 7, and Android. eWallet GO! backs up and restores data with Google Docs and Dropbox, so you can keep your data backed up and share it between devices.

 ** The iOS app will run on the iPad in compatibility mode. 

 ** BlackBerry users: If you are also syncing with a BlackBerry, you cannot switch to eWallet GO! at this time. You will need to use eWallet on your Android device, with eWallet 7 on your desktop and BlackBerry.

For info on purchasing eWallet GO!:

   eWallet GO! Product Page 

See here for all of the differences between eWallet GO! and eWallet:


Transferring Your Data

Since eWallet GO! is an independent product from eWallet, you can transfer one existing eWallet 7 wallet file to eWallet GO!, but you cannot share data back and forth between eWallet 7 and eWallet GO!

If you are switching to eWallet GO!, you need to buy and install eWallet GO! on any platform you want to use it on. You cannot sync eWallet on the desktop with eWallet GO! on any mobile device.

Your data needs to be in eWallet 7 format on a Windows PC in order to transfer to eWallet GO! You do not need to purchase eWallet 7 to update your wallet file for transfer. You can do this with a trial version of eWallet 7 if you do not own a license for version 7:

   Download the eWallet 7 Trial for Windows 

The transfer process will only allow you to transfer one wallet file. If you would like to combine multiple wallets together, see here: 

   How To Sync Multiple Wallets Together 

The transfer process will make the following changes to your wallet data to make it compatible with eWallet GO!:
  • Inserted and linked background images, and inserted file attachments, will be removed from the wallet.
  • Picture Cards will be removed from the wallet.
  • Shortcut cards will be removed from the wallet. (eWallet GO! allows multiple categories to be assigned to a single card, which you can use to replace Shortcut card functionality.)
  • Nested categories will be flattened but all of your categories will be preserved and will stay assigned to your cards.

To run the eWallet GO! Conversion Utility, visit this link in your web browser:

If you are using Internet Explorer, the Conversion Utility will start automatically. If you are using Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, or another browser, you may have to run the *.application data that downloads.

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