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HOWTO: Switch to eWallet GO! from LastPass
Views: 6929 Created: 05-10-2011 03:39 Last Updated: 09-01-2011 15:30

If you used LastPass to store your information in the past, and you'd like to switch to eWallet GO! follow these instructions:

 Note: The eWallet GO! Conversion Utility is only available for Microsoft Windows PC.

  1. Export your LastPass data using LastPass's export function.
  2. Copy the exported information into a Windows PC text editor like NotePad.
  3. Save the file to your desktop as a .TXT file.
  4. Launch the eWallet GO! Conversion Utility.
  5. Follow the steps provided by the Conversion Utility.

That's it! All your data should now be available in eWallet GO!


Conversion Limitations: 

Some of your LastPass data will not be included when you import into eWallet GO!:

  • Unicode text (many foreign character sets including Cyrillic and Asian languages) will not be imported into eWallet GO!
  • Data saved using the "Save All Fields" option in LastPass will not be exported from LastPass. Only Secure Notes, and Sites containing just username/password information, will be exported. This is a limitation of LastPass itself.


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