Simple Software for a Simple Life!
Simple Software for a Simple Life!
FAQ: eWallet GO! or eWallet?
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eWallet GO!® is a simple, streamlined password manager; eWallet® has more features and customization options.

Both eWallet GO! and eWallet are designed to meet the highest levels of quality in both security and ease of use. They both use 256-bit AES encryption, offer a wide variety of pre-built information templates, and include fantastic personalized email support. At the same time, each app offers features that appeal to a different type of customer.

Selecting the best tool for your information management needs is a personal choice, but we can offer a bit of guidance. Review the information below for help in deciding which app is right for you...

You should buy a license for eWallet GO! if:

  • You want an amazingly easy-to-use solution for storing your most important information at an incredible price
  • You want to store your important information on your Windows Phone 7/8 device
  • You want to store your important information on your Android device AND and want to share it with a Mac
  • You have a Mac and want to share your important information with a mobile device OTHER than iPhone/iPod/iPad
  • Speed and simplicity is more important to you than customization
  • You don't have access to a secure wi-fi network

If you are an existing eWallet userfind out how to transfer your data to eWallet GO! 

You should buy a license for eWallet if:

  • You want a feature-rich information management program with powerful customization tools
  • You want to store your important information on a Blackberry device
  • You want to store your important information on a Windows Mobile 5 or 6 device (*NOT Windows PHONE 7 or 8)
  • You store unique information that requires a lot of custom fields and field types
  • You want a robust set of sync customization options including synching different data sets to different locations
  • You want the AutoPass feature for plugging in user names and passwords to many websites
  • You need to synchronize your information to remote locations via ftp or sftp
  • You require the ability to tinker with the way security is applied to your information
  • It's vital to keep your data separated into multiple databases using multiple passwords
  • You plan to use the application in a multi-user business environment
  • You need to create large numbers of cards (100 or more) requiring complex tools for organization

To further assist you with your decision, check out the feature comparison chart available here.

Note that if you want to use these products on multiple platforms, you'll want to use the same product everywhere, i.e., eWallet everywhere or eWallet GO! everywhere.

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