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HOWTO: Sync eWallet for Mac with a folder on your Mac, removable drive, or another computer
Views: 10843 Created: 08-11-2010 08:39 Last Updated: 07-02-2013 16:27
eWallet on Mac can synchronize to any folder on your Macintosh, including connected network drives, removable hard drives, and USB flash drives. You can use this to sync a wallet to another computer on your network, or to a folder or removable drive for an automatic backup. To set up sync with a folder location:
  1. Open the wallet file you want to synchronize
  2. Click the Sync Setup toolbar item, or pick Synchronize -> Setup from the menu bar
  3. Click "Add"
  4. Click "Another Computer"
  5. For the Location Name, enter whatever name you want to see when you synchronize. If you do not enter one, eWallet will set the name for you. 
  6. For the Location Path, enter the path to the folder you want to sync to. You can click "Choose" to browse using Finder.   (USB removable drives will be listed in Finder under "Devices".)    Select the FOLDER you want the wallet file to be in.
  7. Click "OK" to close the new location dialog.
  8. Click "Close" to close the sync setup.
If you want to change the sync direction for the folder location you just added, click on it in the Synchronization Setup window and click "Edit".
To synchronize, click the Sync Now button in the eWallet toolbar or click Synchronize -> Sync Now from the menus.
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  • Platform: Mac OS X