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HOWTO: Setting or changing your password on iOS
Views: 16171 Created: 08-06-2008 06:48 Last Updated: 10-16-2012 14:23

Instructions for changing or setting the password for your wallets in eWallet on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

You may have as many wallets on your iPhone as you like. You can protect each of your wallets with a unique password that will be required to access the wallet. (You may choose to create a wallet without a password. In this case anyone could access the information you've stored there. We do not reccomend creating no-password wallets except for non-vital or emergency information.)

To set a password on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch wallet:

  1. Open the wallet file.
  2. Press the "More..." icon at the bottom.
  3. Choose "Change Password".
  4. Set the password.
  5. Touch the Save button.

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  • Platform: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch