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Simple Software for a Simple Life!
INFO: Errors Running Downloaded Installation Files
Views: 10178 Created: 10-24-2006 05:34 Last Updated: 02-08-2013 16:33
  • If you see an error message when you're trying to run a file you downloaded (either a trial or complete version of our software): the file may have gotten damaged in the download. The message might say: Win32 error, CRC error, file transfer error or that a file is not a 32bit application or is not a valid WinZip archive file.

    This usually means that the file was changed during the download. Norton Internet Security and Go!Zilla are two programs we believe may cause this. If you see any of the above messages, and are running either of those programs, please try temporarily disabling any download manager or software firewall (including Norton Internet Security and Go!Zilla) and try the download again. If you still have downloading problems, please contact us.

    If you purchased any of our products, you can download the trial and unlock it using the name and key you received in email. You can also download the unlocked version again using our Online Store receipt number and product SKU you got in your confirmation email.

    If you are using a trial version, just download it again through the particular product information page that you originally downloaded from.

  • If you can't run a file you downloaded from our online store: if you downloaded the file using using Netscape 7.0, Netscape might have appended .cgi to the filename. If this happens to you, just rename the file and remove the .cgi from its name.

  • Please contact us if you're having a download problem not described above.
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