eWallet Upgrade Information

The version of eWallet that you are trying to download is not the latest version. The current version of eWallet is 8.2 and the version you are trying to download is 6.1.

What's new in eWallet 8.2

  • Our SyncPro® sync engine now includes support for backing up and synchronizing to the cloud (via Dropbox); see the built-in help file for how to set this up or simply go to the new Sync Manager
  • A new Sync Manager to keep all sync related activities, including setting up a new sync location and changing sync settings, in one easy to access place within eWallet
  • A new Security Manager so all security settings are available from one place
  • More control over automatic copies added, including the number wallet copies you want to keep
  • The Home ribbon was updated and reorganized to make it easier to find common tasks
  • The Recent Wallets list UI was updated for easier viewing
  • Many other features and fixes

Upgrade to the latest version of eWallet below:

Upgrade to eWallet 8.2 for the Special Discount of $10.00

Keeping your version of eWallet 6.1: To keep your current version of eWallet you can re-download using this link: Redownload eWallet 6.1