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Some time back, we had two security related products: the reduced feature set “eWallet GO!” product and the full featured eWallet product. We have not been actively developing or selling the GO app for several years, but instead have been focusing our efforts in this area on the full featured eWallet application. We continue to provide technical support for the GO app; please see our knowledge base area for more information. This article discusses the features full eWallet has over the GO app.

Special Note

Dropbox is discontinuing support for the way that the "eWallet GO!" product connects for backing up and restoring wallet files (see the Dropbox article, API v1 is now deprecated). This means that after June 27, 2017, GO will have no way of doing backup or restores.

In addition to active development and continuing to work with Dropbox, the full eWallet product has several advantages over GO, including a built-in card-level sync engine and more customization of cards. The full eWallet product can import GO wallet files on all platforms: Windows PC (desktop), Mac, Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad). Just let us know which platform(s) you are using GO on and we'll send you pricing information and instructions on switching over.

Many users have already switched from GO to full eWallet, but if you haven't yet, please contact us so we can help you switch over.